Glimpses of Utopia

An evening of performances and presentations by people who are making “utopian” contributions to life in downtown Los Angeles.  SURPRISE presenters were invited by LAPD members and asked to identify and invite someone “Who you think is doing something that is contributing to creating the kind of neighborhood you would like to live in?”  8 inviters and 8 invitees come together to create a kaleidoscopic picture of utopian possibilities downtown.

“Come Together” is a randomizing concept for structuring events, conceived by 2006 Alpert Award winning artist Harrell Fletcher, a collaborating artist on UTOPIA / dystopia.

The ‘Glimpses of Utopia’ Tabloid programs are available for download:

June 21: 7 Glimpses of Utopia at The National Center for the Preservation of Democracy.
July 26: Glimpses of Utopia 8-15 at The Red Dot Gallery.
September 20: Glimpses of Utopia 16-23 at the Historic Fire Station Old 23.
October 25: Glimpses of Utopia 24-30 at The Red Dot Gallery.
November 16: Glimpses of Utopia 31 -37 at The Church of the Nazarene.

7 Glimpses of Utopia

June 21, 7.30 p.m.; 7 Glimpses of Utopia at The National Center for the Preservation of Democracy – a ‘Come Together’ at the Democracy Forum of the Japanese National American Museum.

List of Presenters

Adelle Yellin, who with her late husband Ira, developed downtown’s landmark Grand Central Market.
Pete White, activist, co-director of LA Community Action Network.
Stella Dottir; downtown fashion designer and native of Iceland.
Henry Procter of The art of Cleaning.
Manuel Compito (aka OG Man) 
a local artist in the downtown Skid Row community.
Julie Rico, RedDot Gallery owner.
Hylen Burt and Tony Parker
, musicians.

Glimpses 8 - 15

July 26, at 7:30 pm: “Glimpses of Utopia: 8 – 15” at The Red Dot Gallery, located at 500 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA  90013.

List of Presenters

Becky Dennison, LA Community Action Network (LA CAN).
Dr. Dennis Bleakley working for JWCH at Skid Row’s clinic the Weingart Center who was featured by LA Times Steve Lopez in his series “Life on the Streets’ about Skid Row.
Mystic Pete, Cellist, will play his music for meditation, yoga, massage, relaxation and sensual union.
Rosemary AnayaDirector EconomicDevelopment and Community Outreach, in the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney.
Don Bell who sells soda’s and raises his son as a single parent on Skid Row.
Eric Moore, LAPD Detective II.

Glimpses 16 - 23

Sept. 20 at 7.00 pm: Glimpses of Utopia: 16-23, a ‘Come Together’ at the Historic Fire Station Old 23; located 225 E. 5th Street, downtown LA.

List of Presenters

Daniel Taylor, will talk about his plans for a community center at the Old Fire Station, CHAC.
Wendell Blassingame, Movies on the Nickel.
Mr. Lee, retired UCLA ethnomusicologist, expert on the Bamboo flute, and who, with his wife, runs the D+D deli across from the Weingart Center.
Gordon TurnerDeputy City Attorney for the City of LA who will speak on patient dumping on Skid Row.
Misako Tsuchiyawho teaches Tai Chi in the open air in Little Tokyo and Alexander Technique in an adult school on Skid Row.  She will teach a 10-minute Tai Chi class.
General Dogon, LA CAN.
Ron Chester Taylorragtime piano.
Trevor Duberryand Quolesha Elba from Chrysalis, social service provider of jobs and job training.

Glimpses 24 - 30

October 25 at 7:00 pm “Glimpses of Utopia: 24 – 30” at The Red Dot Gallery,  500 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA  90013.

List of Presenters

Fridgeir Helgason, a photographer living in a Main Street loft, who will show a short movie he made when he lived at the Midnight Mission.
Gordon Turner, Deputy City Attorney for the City of Los Angeles, will speak on patient dumping on Skid Row.
Steve Diaz from LA Community Action Network, who will speak on his work as a housing advocate.
Dwight Lewis who will speak on his work at St. Vincent Cardinal Manning Center.
Lisa Watson, executive director of the Downtown Women’s Center, who will talk about the development of a 75-unit housing project for low-income women.
Deacon Alexander, a board member of the Vernon Main Neighborhood Council, will speak on his work to make sure that more community resources and access to city facilities are available to Skid Row residents.  Neighborhood resident.
Oscar Harvey, professional musician, will play harmonica and bass guitar.

Glimpses 31 - 37

Nov.16 at 6 pm: “Glimpses of Utopia: 31 – 37” at the Church of the Nazarene, located at 419 East 6th Street (on the corner of 6th Street & San Pedro Street), Los Angeles, CA  90013.

List of Presenters

Molly Rysman, of the Skid Row Housing Trust.
“Redd”, a long-time member of the Skid Row recovery community.
Shannon Murray of LAMP, a housing and social service provider for homeless persons with mental illness.
Al Sobl, a member of LA Community Action Network.
Ron Crockett, who is developing a community beautification program.
Carol Sobel, a civil rights attorney.
Jan Williamson, affordable housing advocate, and executive director of the 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica.