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Los Angeles Poverty Department’s new performance Resilience taps into the innate health in everyone by exploring activities that we like to do. When we do these activities, we feel competent and confident. They give us pleasure and we feel good about ourselves.  Many people spend way too much time lamenting their past— stuck in guilt. Letting go of that, recognizing that what’s past can’t be undone, opens the space to be in the present moment and do the life affirming activities that make you happy. This is explored in LAPD’s performance Resilience.

COMING UP: RESILIENCE performance / concert.
For these performances LA Poverty Department is collaborating with Street Symphony. Vijay Gupta’s Darshan Piano Trio will be playing music of Robert and Clara Schumann, and their young fierce student Johannes Brahms. ”Their work embodies and amplifies the theme of resilience, it is the music of survival, metabolism, transformation.” (says Vijay)

September 28, 2pm at The Midnight Mission, 6th and San Pedro

September 29, 10am at the Downtown Women’s Center, 442 S. San Pedro Street

October 1, 3pm at Inner City Arts, 720 Kohler St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

December 10, 11:00am – 4:00pm at VOID Studios, 677 Imperial St. in the Arts District – during the Street Symphony Festival.