State of Incarceration 

Directed by John Malpede and Henriëtte Brouwers and written / improvised by the LAPD performers.

at the Queens Museum in New York

January 31 & February 1, 2014.

About State of Incarceration

The project combines theater, installation and public education to examine the personal and social costs of incarceration in the US. The performance and installation’s creative material was developed in workshops and brings together the first hand personal experience of performers including their inside understanding of how the prison system functions. In State of Incarceration these artists articulate the mental and physical challenges of incarceration and the resources needed to endure and recover from it.

The Cast

ImageRiccarlo Porter, Chas Jackson, Kevin Michael Key, Ronald Walker, Walter Fears, Jennifer Campbell, Adrian Turnage, Anthony Taylor, Austin Hines, John Malpede, Silvia Hernandez and Henriette Brouwers.


The performances of State Of Incarceration at the Queens Museum were made possible in part by the theater grant from the National Performance Network.