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The Skid Row Arts Alliance is a consortium of artist-driven arts organizations, comprised of people living and working in Skid Row, working to create art and community in Skid Row. The purpose of Skid Row Arts Alliance is to knit the fabric of the Skid Row neighborhood through the creation of community wide arts projects. These projects bring together individuals living and working in Skid Row, including people not previously connected to community groups and services. The aim of the Alliance is to represent, amplify and celebrate the voices of the Skid Row community.
Download the Skid Row Art Zines.

The SKID ROW ARTS MAP has been developed by Skid Row arts organizations: Urban Voices Project, Los Angeles Poverty Department, Street Symphony and Piece by Piece with the generous support of USC’s Arts in Action program. The map was presented on October 18, 2019 at the Skid Row History Museum & Archive. It puts the sites of all arts activities that are free and open to everyone in the community on the map — so that everyone can find them and participate. The Skid Row Arts MAP is designed to make it easy for people living in Skid Row — even if you’re a new arrival — to connect with other Skid Row artists and the arts activities that are open to everyone in Skid Row. Come on by, get your copy – or copies – of the map and go forth and create.

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