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If you’d like to perform, exhibit your artwork or do a workshop write us an email at [email protected] or call 213-413.1077

The Festival For All Skid Row Artists is fully back!

Get ready for an entire weekend of music, theater, spoken word performances and visual art with plenty of music, showcasing the diverse range of talents among Skid Row residents.

Initiated by Los Angeles Poverty Department in 2010, with support from United Coalition East Prevention Project (UCEPP), the festival has become one of the most anticipated grassroots cultural events in Skid Row where typically over 100 Skid Row Artists perform and display their artwork to enthusiastic audiences. You can make your own art at Creativity Stations and learn new skills in workshops throughout the day. LA Poverty Department interviews Skid Row Artists during the festival, and we document artists work and keep an artists’ registry*.

* Sign up as a Skid Row Artist at the entrance of the park to be entered into the Skid Row Artist Registry, which now counts over 900 artists who have performed at the festival since it started.

Sign Up as a Skid Row artist
Since 2010, every year in October, Los Angeles Poverty Department produces the Festival for All Skid Row Artists in Gladys Park on Skid Row. LAPD collects information about the artists, documents their work and creates an artists’ registry.
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