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RFK in EKY, The Robert F. Kennedy Performance Project , is a series of public conversations and activities centered around the real-time, site-specific intermedia performance that recreated, on September 9th and 10th 2004, Robert Kennedy’s two-day, 200 mile “poverty tour” of southeastern Kentucky in 1968.
An Appalshop project directed by John Malpede.

Recreating Imbalance
A short description by John Malpede that describes the conceptual links between Agents & Assets and RFKinEKY.

'Findings from a Collaborative Inquiry by the Los Angeles Poverty Department and the Urban Institute': MAKING THE CASE FOR SKID ROW CULTURE

LAPD Funding provided by

LAPD Funding provided by:

Festival for All Skid Row Artists
Festival for All Skid Row Artists | Print |

Every year in October, Los Angeles Poverty Department produces the Festival for All Skid Row Artists in Gladys Park. Neighborhood artists perform and show their artwork. LAPD collects information about the artists, documents their work and creates an artists’ registry.

The Festival for All Skid Row Artists’ moves the case for Skid Row culture forward in practice by creating a unique context that both generates cultural participation and documents it. This project encourages known neighborhood artists and identifys and brings together arts makers who are unknown even in their own Skid Row neighborhood.


Download the paper here:  Making the Case for Skid Row Culture 

ImageIn 2010, Animating Democracy, a program of Americans for the Arts, released “Making a Case for Skid Row Culture: Findings from a Collaborative Inquiry by the Los Angeles Poverty Department and the Urban Institute”. This study by John Malpede (Los Angeles Poverty Department) and Mario Rosario Jackson (Urban Institute) documents the role of arts and culture in Skid Row. This study found that culture comes from the ground up in Skid Row and is often initiated by residents and resident driven initiatives. This festival is undertaken to recognize these people and initiatives and to stimulate a new way of envisioning and talking about this neighborhood.



October 18 and 19, 2014 from 1 - 5 pm each day:  5TH annual Festival For All Skid Row Artists

Download the newspaper of our 5th annual festival here: 2014 FASRA newspaper



October 12 & 13, 2013: 12 till 4pm - 4th annual Festival for All Skid Row Artists in Gladys Park - More than 80 artists living and working in Skid Row assembled in Gladys Park, at the corner of 6th and Gladys Streets, for a weekend of live performances and visual arts showcasing the diverse range of talents among Skid Row residents. Reggae, rap, gospel, rock, theater, spoken word, poetry and dance are all featured at the festival. Included among the artists schedule to appear: Franc Foster, an electric guitar virtuoso performed for the third year running with his band, Franc's Melting Pot. Manuel Compito—aka "O.G.," the Skid Row artist and advocate showcased artwork from his series of paintings, "Peace-N-Hood”. Jennifer Campbell, a member of the Los Angeles Poverty Department, performed, "I Lost My Mind on Skid Row, but I Found My Mind on Skid Row," her moving poem about addiction, homelessness and the road to recovery. Image Festival veterans Melek Zakaryah and the Black Onyx, a unique troupe of high energy singers, for the fourth consecutive year provided the perfect musical motivation to get attendees feet moving. Live performances are complemented by a wide-ranging exhibit by Skid Row’s visual artists. A select number of artists from outside Skid Row were invited to exhibit as well, reflecting the burgeoning cultural exchange between Skid Row artists and the greater Los Angeles arts community.

download the newspaper about the 4th Festival: 2013 Festival for All Skid Row Artists


3rd ‘Festival for All Skid Row Artists’ October 20 & 21, 2012

The atmosphere was wonderful, people had a real sense of sharing and community and they were very generous with their talents. And we sure have some amazing talents in Skid Row!!! Visual art, creativity stations, chalk drawings, Hip Hop, close harmony, gospel choirs, poetry, theater, drummers, dancers, etc, etc. We documented all the arts and are editing a DVD for all arists. We also expanded our artist registry and now have more than 400 documented artists in Skid Row. We are looking forward to have another Festival next year! Check out your pictures and download them from the album on our facebook page:

Download the pdf of the Festival newspaper here: 3rd Festival for All Skid Row Artists  


Image 2nd ‘Festival for All Skid Row Artists’ Jan. 27 & 28, 2012

The Los Angeles Poverty Department, with partners UCEPP and LAMP Art Project, produced the 2nd annual Festival for All Skid Row Artists on Friday and Saturday January 27 and 28, from 12 – 4 PM in Gladys Park in Skid Row.  This year’s festival was twice as long as last year’s because there are so many Skid Row artists whose work needs to be heard and seen.  Not only did the festival showcase Skid Row’s brightest stars, the open mic part of the program was used by newbie’s to step up with their first time performances. And Festival #2 included some artists from other parts of LA, to encourage artistic exchange and to bring folks from all over to see and appreciate Skid Row’s artists at work.

download the pdf of the Festvival newspaper here: 2nd Festival for All Skid Row Artists tabloid


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Festival for All Skid Row Artists 2010 | Print |


Image Los Angeles Poverty Department produced a Festival for All Skid Row artists on Saturday December 4th in Gladys Park. The festival was an afternoon of activities that identified artists in all genres who live and work on Skid Row. Neighborhood artists performed or showed their art work. LAPD collected information about the artists, to create an artists’ registry and an archive of their work. We want the world to see that Skid Row is a neighborhood that’s home to many creative people.


This festival encouraged known neighborhood artists to continue their work. It also identified and brought together arts makers who where unknown even in their own Skid Row neighborhood. All participating artists received a pair of yellow shades, with the inscription Skid Row Artist: menacing cool imprinted on the left temple.

Download our newsletter about the festival: Festival for All Skid Row Artists - 2010

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