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October 2020
Prerecorded Live in Los Angeles and Elsewhere

The Tune In Festival: Program 4    SING OUT
Vijay Gupta & Los Angeles Poverty Department with Kronos Quartet

As part of the Tune-In Festival, violinist and founder of Street Symphony Vijay Gupta and The Kronos Quartet, jam on Los Angeles Poverty Department’s performance and interview excerpts they have chosen from our Walk the Talk Archive.  Using these excerpts as inspiration they play around and through them — integrating them into new musical compositions generated on the spot.

LAPD’s Walk the Talk performance / parade celebrates visionary initiatives and people who have stood up for and generated transformation in Skid Row. 

Sing Out, the final program of CAP UCLA’s Tune In Festival, is a day-long, international celebration of music and poetry with something for everyone.
The evening performances include the return Toshi Regaon and BIGLovely; L.A. activists and musicians, Quetzal; and esteemed L.A. violinist Vijay Gupta in collaboration with the legendary Kronos Quartet and the Los Angeles Poverty Department.