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Friday, June 8, 2018 at 7pm – The Last of His Tribe
Movie Nights at the Museum
Skid Row History Museum and Archive, 250 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012

“The Last Of His Tribe” – Directed by Harry Hook |  Running time: 90 minutes

The Last of His Tribe is a 1992 film, based on a book by Theodora Kroeber which relates the experiences of her husband Alfred L. Kroeber who made friends with Ishi, thought to be the last of his people, the Yahi tribeJon Voight stars as Kroeber and Graham Greene as Ishi. Harry Hook directed the film. The movie is based on the real experiences of a Native American, Ishi, as he tries to adjust to a 20th-century society that is foreign to him. For his performance, Jon Voight was nominated for the 1992 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film.

In 1800 there were 300,000 Native Americans living in California; by 1900 only 20,000 remained. Of the thousands who witnessed this slaughter, it was thought that none remained wild, until the day in 1911 when they called “Ishi” was captured raiding a slaughterhouse. Dr. Kroeber (Jon Voight) and his wife Henriette (Anne Archer) discover that Ishi (Graham Greene) is homeless, the last survivor of the Yahi tribe. In his head he carries the secrets of his people, how they lived and died. These are secrets no man knows – but Dr. Kroeber makes it his mission to uncover them before the last of the Yahi is gone forever. Like Dance With Wolves, THE LAST OF HIS TRIBE takes you into a world of violence, mystery and survival- the world that was still the Old West, before it became new.


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