May 20, 2010:  PANEL & DISCUSSION: Parole Reform Shakeout: Who Wins and Who Loses? The Effects of California’s Parole Reform on Parolees, People Getting Out and Transitional Programs Downtown @ the Central City Community Church on the corner San Pedro & 6th Street.

The Los Angeles Poverty Department has organized a panel to discuss the effects of the state’s parole reform on people living downtown: current parolees, transitional programs and people who will be released under the provisions of the parole reform.    Already the effects are being seen as some current programs lose funding and people in defunded programs scramble for housing and support services.   Professionals working with parolees will share their insights into the effects of the reform on the people who will be most effected by it: current and near future parolees and people who will be released with non-revocable parole.  Currently, one-third of the city’s parolees are in downtown.

Alan Richards
, Second Chance Act Mentor Coordinator/ Amistad de Los Angeles.
Marilyn Montenegro, social worker and coordinator of the Women’s Council Prison Project, a project that provides social work services for women in prison and women leaving prison.

The panel will be moderated by:
Ruthie Gilmore, professor of American Studies at USC and author of “The Golden Gulag”.
According to law enforcement officials and others, the reforms have created public safety concerns that need to be addressed.  But, we would like to return the focus to the needs of the people who are coming out of the criminal justice system.