Using Ramen noodles as the base ingredient, the cooking is done by putting noodles, hot water and everything else in a large clear trash bag and kneading it for 20 minutes until done.


I was thrown into the county jail for six months for not completing my year-long domestic violence classes. I was transferred to Wayside County jail to do my time. My money hadn’t caught up with me yet. But the guys I was hanging out with invited me to the spread. It made me feel like a part of a family. It took about a month before I get any money but I was invited to the spread every time they had one, which was about four times a week. The feeling of being accepted was overwhelming.

SOI_IMG_1282wideUSEHere’s the recipe: MAKING THE SPREAD
-18 packages of soup Ramen noodles: beef-chicken-oriental-shrimp,
-2 bags of Cheetos chips-cheese 1 bag original flavor and 1 hot,
-1 bag tortilla chips, guacamole flavor,
-2 packs crackers-original flavor,
-1 pack of big flour tortillas,
-1 jar light mayo,
-1 jar sliced jalapeños- hot,
-1 jar sliced pickles,
-12 OZ. turkey bologna ,
-1 pack of small beef sausages,
-4 packs of light tuna in water ,
-plenty of garlic,
-hot water.

HOI_IMG_1362This food is for the ones who were denied food
For one day in Chile
For one week in Haiti
For one month in Louisiana
For the prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo
The Federal Prisons
The private prisons
For all of them, everybody eats today.
Feed them.
Feed them.
You can stop whenever you want to, but the hunger never ends.
You can stop whenever you want to, but it never ends.
The line never ends.
The hunger never ends.
Reach out to all the hungry in the universe.