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Thursday, September 23, 5 PDT (US and Canada)
Join us for an OPEN MIC with zAmya Theater and Tenderloin Opera!

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Folx may of course present anything they like or just come to listen! 
If anybody wants to engage with these topics, some themes we have been thinking about recently in Tenderloin Opera are these:
1. transit justice (we are currently fighting to save the central bus hub in Providence from being broken up by the Department of Transportation)
2. friendship (those who supported us during the pandemic/honoring those who have passed)
3. The Occupy Providence Movement –  was/is a very important community for us, and we have been discussing how to celebrate the 10 year reunion. Also we have been coping with the fallout from that experience and how to support our friends in that group with lingering trauma or questions coming from the experience.
If you’d like to participate, write an email to get in the line-up: [email protected]

On June 25, 2020, zAmya Theater Project of Minneapolis and Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD) joined forces and conducted a cross-country open mic night for artists! And it was such a success, we keep doing it.

March 18
LA Poverty Department and zAmya Theater (MN) got together to talk about getting vaccinated against COVID_19.

* Free COVID_19 vaccinations every Wednesday morning 10 – 12 at the Midnight Mission.

* COVID-19 Walk-in Vaccination Clinic 03/25/2021 and
every Thursday! From 8am – 3pm
At the Wesley Center for Community Health (JWCH parking lot)
522 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, CA 90013
Get a COVID-19 vaccine, wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet apart, avoid crowds, and wash your hands to protect against COVID-19.

April 8, 2021
LA Poverty Department, zAmya Theater (MN) and the Tenderloin Opera (Providence) got together to share our experiences about the dangers of Crystal Meth and how to live a healthy, fulfilling life.
June 8, 2021
OPEN MIC with zAmya Theater, Los Angeles Poverty Department and Tenderloin Opera.