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MINDFUL MONDAYS  1:30 – 3pm: each 1ST & 3RD Monday of the month 
Come join Fine Arts Revolution Inc Art of Xpression Creative Arts Wellness coffee and craft with Cami (aka Jenni Alpert of

You can paint, draw, sew, glue.. and create your own art, or just enjoy the coffee and croissants.
And you can also bring an instrument and entertain everyone!

Bio: Jenni Alpert (Cami) – Singer, songwriter, guitarist, and pianist Jenni Alpert (Birth name: Cameron, Cami) was born in Los Angeles, CA and adopted out of the foster care system at the age of four. She started to sing and play piano while staying in various foster homes. With the encouragement and support of her adoptive family, she learned to play the guitar as well and began writing and record songs early. With her honest rich songwriting and soothing musical melodies, songstress Jenni Alpert’s haunting, powerful, and sultry voice has gained the respect of fans and music tastemakers worldwide. Her emotionally driven songs weave a unique web of eclectic Soul-Americana Pop. As familiar with jazz and Americana as she is pop, Alpert graduated from UCLA in the Ethnomusicology Department after completing a four-year jazz program headed by Kenny Burrell. No stranger to the recording studio, Alpert has released 8 albums and has independently toured over 14 countries with regularity. Upon reuniting with her biological father who was homeless, addicted, and running from the law at the time, yet a musician just like her, a film team decided to make a short documentary entitled Homeless: the Soundtrack directed by Oscar-nominated, Peabody and Emmy Award winning documentary film director Irene Taylor Brodsky, produced by Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz about the early stages that unfold the journey of their biological reunion capturing the unique bond they share. The two performed to share their biological reunion adventures and on creative approaches towards transformation in story and song together alongside supporting the film as a duo under the name Cami and Don,The Biological Duo until his passing. Singer Songwriter Jenni Alpert also known as her birth name Cami was born in Los Angeles, CA. Adopted out of the foster care system into her forever home at the age of four, she became the first jazz vocalist to graduate from UCLA in Ethnomusicology Jazz Program headed by guitarist Kenny Burrell and began writing and recording original songs early. Upon finding and reuniting with her biological father later in life who was homeless, a documentary team approached them to follow their story, crafting together Homeless: the Soundtrack a short award winning documentary which follows the early stages of their extraordinary story and unique bond they share through music.  Additionally, the duo performed at homeless centers and shelters around Los Angeles regularly as well as in other settings for various non profits supporting transformation through creative perseverance  under the name Cami and Don, The Biological Duo (as Jenni Alpert reclaimed intended her birth name ‘Cami’ becoming her birth father’s advocate and social shadow and performing together in support of resilience for others struggling with adversity) until his passing. Currently, Jenni Alpert (Cami) author of Home is Where the Heart is an Adoption and Biological Reunion Story and founder of Fine Arts Revolution Inc (501(c)(3) Art of Xpression Music Arts Creative Wellness Programs for those experiencing homelessness and for those in transition continues, to join a range of non-profits and organizations such as Hope the Mission, Hollywood Food Co, and Celia Center in Los Angeles to name a few that focus on homelessness, adoption, foster care, and the Adoption Constellation, both as a keynote speaker and performer sharing in support of education, healing, and transformation.

Fine Arts Revolution Inc 501(c)(3)  Who we are, what we do & Mission is a Creative Wellness Service Provider for those experiencing homelessness or those in transition that offers a variety of Art of Xpression Music and Arts Wellness Workshops, Programsand tailored creative shadow wellness advocacy and mediation services for any age with the mission to craft safe spaces with creative  activities to manage and express emotional, social, and life skills through interactive and experiential experiences in order to build and strengthen each individual as well as assimilate those in transition back into the community founded by singer songwriter Jenni Alpert (aka birth name Cami) in honor of her birth father Don, created after finding him while he was living on the streets, reuniting with and him volunteering and performing together, and his transformative impact in their partnership.