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PERFORMANCE – APRIL 4, 5, 6, 2019 @ 8:30pm REDCAT theater

If you reserve online in advance you can get a discount ticket price if you use the code word: LAPD.

The other L.A.P.D. collaborates with residents of Skid Row to create provocative performances that confront vital issues and ask urgent questions. Their new piece addresses the meaning of “Public Safety.” What’s a low-income neighborhood of color to do, targeted by the police, with lethal outcomes? What to do beyond despair, beyond protest? A neighborhood de-colonizes public safety. They put heads and hearts together and evolve practices that create public safety through joyous communal activity and collective problem solving.

Over many years Skid Row has emerged as a neighborhood with a number of profound and important values: empathy, looking out for each other, sharing, second chances, recovery, inclusion, tolerance, and embracing difference. And Skid Row has found ways to articulate these values in numerous community practices. These values and practices are celebrated, analyzed, mused upon, and sung and danced on in Los Angeles Poverty Department’s new performance: “I fly !: or How to Keep the Devil Down in the Hole

When people feel one another, they feel safe, Public Safety for REAL.