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Friday, March 1, 2019 at 7pm – screening HUMBLE BEAUTY

Humble Beauty

Produced / Directed / Written by Letitia Popa Schwartz & Judith Vogelsang

Runtime: 56:46 min.

Q&A with filmmaker Judith Vogelsang and Lillian Abel Calamari, Founder & Director Skid Row Art Workshop, SRO Housing Corporation and Rory White, Founder & Director Lamp Art Project, Lamp Community and artists Darlene Altmeier Dobbs and Manuel Compito aka “OG Man” who’s paintings are in exhibition at the Skid Row Museum: “Manuel Compito & Scott Taylor: Bridging the Divide” (until March 23).

This is a powerful story about how art saved the lives of a group of talented homeless and indigent men and women who, despite a daily struggle for survival, create art in Skid Row, the Homeless Capital of America.  It’s also about the ubiquity of art in human life. People strive to make art, no matter how humble the circumstances, and in return art changes their lives. Over a four-year period, HUMBLE BEAUTY follows the lives and progress of several artists from LA’s Skid Row, reported to be the largest concentration of homeless in the United States, the Homeless Capital of America. Featuring Skid Row Artists (in alphabetical order): Barbara Aduwa, Manuel Compito aka “OG Man”, Magdalena Astrid Dahlen, Darlene Altemeier Dobbs, Jaime Green, Lucille Forster, Enrique Marquez, Vachelle McFarland, Vytautas Pliura, Librada Porter, Joacquin Roebuck and Nathaniel Welch.