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Girls’ Voices Now: Short Documentary Film Festival
Friday, March 20, 2020, 7pm
* This screening has been canceled. Because of the COVID_19 pandemic the museum will be closed until the end of March. Stay well, safe and sane!

Women’s Voices Now’s summer youth program amplifies the voices of young women from underrepresented communities across Los Angeles by teaching documentary filmmaking. Over the course of five weeks, students learn how to create their own short documentary and how to use the medium of film to affect positive social-change in their communities. Join us for a film festival of their short documentaries followed by a conversation with the filmmakers. 

Program Part I – Run time (20 min) 
Under the Scarf 
Mehrin, like any other teenage girl tries to navigate her way through high school. Once the scarf is on, she’s deemed a stereotype.

Throwing Shade(s)
A look at colorism and the stigmas faced by the underground drag performance community of Los Angeles, California.\

Everywhere We Go
Following teenagers who are battling mental illness and how it affects them in their everyday life.

Code Red 
Entering womanhood isn’t always easy. When encountering periods, women and young girls often have to “go with the flow”.
Discussion and Reflections from Filmmakers and Women’s Voices Now. 

Program Part II Run time (15 min) 
She’s Got Game
Exploring inequity between female and male athletes, specifically, the lack of funding provided to young female athletes in high school.

Onyi: The Path to Finding Me 
The media often portrays unrealistic standards that damage self esteem and confidence of those who do not meet “ideal” beauty standards.

Not quite here, not quite there 
Media representations of immigrants dehumanize the people they portray.
Discussion and Reflections from Filmmakers and Women’s Voices Now. 

End + Call to Action 

More info about Women’s Voices Now: 
Women’s Voices Now (WVN) drives positive social change by raising awareness of the struggles and triumphs of women and girls seeking full access to their political, civil, and economic rights. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We promote, produce, and share social-change films focusing on women’s and girls’ rights issues, providing active support to filmmakers who give voice to unheard women and girls, and activating civil society by moving audiences from empathy to action.  We carry out our mission with our film festival, a free film archive, a youth media training programeducational community screenings, multimedia workshops, and an online publication (The WVoice).

Los Angeles Poverty Department is a arts group of people living and working in Skid Row that make work that connects the experience of people living in poverty to the social conditions that too often determine their lives.  We use performance, installation, parades, festivals, history and organizing to surprise, intervene and make change.  We often work on campaigns for social change in coalitions with organizers, activists, and grass roots organizations.  LAPD’s projects thematically focus on a constellation of inter-related issues of continuing including: gentrification and community displacement, drug recovery, the war on drugs and drug policy reform, the status of women and children in Skid Row, mass incarceration and the criminalization of poverty.

Our Skid Row History Museum & Archive functions as a means for exploring the mechanics of displacement in this age of immense income inequality, by mining a neighborhood’s activist history and amplifying effective community resistance strategies.

each 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, at 7pm.
at the Skid Row History Museum and Archive
a project of Los Angeles Poverty Department
FREE Movie Screenings, Free popcorn, Free Coffee & Free Conversation