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November 8, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Skid Row Histroy Museum and Archive
250 South Broadway
Los Angeles CA 90012
Los Angeles Poverty Department
How to House 7,000 People in Skid Row @ Skid Row Histroy Museum and Archive

How to House 7000 People In Skid Row.
Exhibition created by Rosten Woo with Anna Kobara, Henriëtte Brouwers, John Malpede.

How to house 7,000 people in Skid Row?
We’re talking about housing everyone now living on the streets of Skid Row –and more.  

Tired of promises and no solutions to L.A.’s housing crisis? At the exhibition, learn together and in public how housing works and could work in L.A. You will be able to understand how each funding mechanism works and how many dollars could be raised and therefore how many people could be housed by the City’s adoption of these income-generating tools.  They include dollars for housing that could be generated from: inclusionary zoning, a vacancy tax, and the creation of a tax-increment financing district.  Worry not— all these concepts will be graphically and simply explained by the exhibition.  What you get to do is choose your mechanisms and determine their geographical boundaries.  When your stack of dollars from each of your sources reaches $3.5 Billion, Congratulations!  You have a viable plan for housing 7,000 People in Skid Row.  Next: the hard work of getting City Council to enact it.