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Come Together
Inner City Arts, 720 Kohler St, Los Angeles, CA 90021
May 22, 2022 from 2-5pm

In advance of the Walk The Talk parade (on May 28), join us at Inner City Arts on Sunday May 22nd to learn about more extraordinary people in Skid Row who are working hard to uplift the community.

From 2pm to 3pm come and participate in visual arts workshops by Piece by Piece and Creative I. The workshops will take place outdoors on the beautiful Inner-City Arts campus. Piece by Piece is a nonprofit mosaic arts program and social enterprise. Piece by Piece will display artwork from their active artists and conduct a mosaic art making activity.  Artists from the “Creative I” collective, will also lead a participatory arts workshop. Piece by Piece and Creative I are well known in Skid Row for their ongoing work in the community. Also, between 2pm and 3pm the Ase Ashse drummers will energize the art makers –and everyone present with intricate West African rhythms.

From 3pm-5pm we’ll “Come Together.”  
In the “Come Together,” 7 community members will each introduce a person they believe is doing inspiring work in the community and that person will tell us — in any form they choose (talk, music, film, slide show, workshop, etc.) — about the cool things they are doing in Skid Row.  Come hear from DJ Sir OliverSoma Snakeoil, Executive Director of the Sidewalk Project, Evans Clark manager of the ReFresh Spot, Deacon Alexander, advocate with the Skid Row Community Improvement Coalition, Linda Leigh, a champion for women and women’s rights in Skid Row, Monique Alvarado, Organizational Development Project Manager at the LA Mission, and Emergency Mental Health worker on the DMH Crisis Negotiation Team Anthony Ruffin.