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Chasing Monsters from Under the Bed

‘Chasing Monsters from Under the Bed’ November 12, 13, 14 @ #SkidRowMuseum

Monsters group1400Los Angeles Poverty Department’s new performance, “Chasing Monsters from Under the Bed” will be presented at LAPD’s Skid Row History Museum & Archive, 440 S. Broadway – mezzanine level – LA, CA 90013. All performances are free and open to the public.
THIS WEEK: Thursday & Friday, Nov. 12 & 13: : 7:30 pm and Saturday, Nov. 14: 2:00 pm.

“Chasing Monsters from Under the Bed,” explores the means and process of recovery from mental illness and homelessness at a time when thousands of homeless mentally ill are not only abandoned and feared but also threatened by aggressive policing. The project is inspired by the most forward thinking voices within the mental health profession, who believe that gaining a meaningful role in life, rather than patient-hood is the goal of treatment.
The project draws on the experientially acquired wisdom of the LAPD performers, who have, each in their own way, successfully grappled with mental health issues in order to shed identities of “homeless” or “patient” and realize new identities of their own choosing: parent, wife, actress, advocate, docent, worker. The performance, the result of a 10-month workshop process, is collaboratively authored by workshop participants. “Chasing Monsters…” is performed by 14 workshop participants and co-directed by Henrïette Brouwers and John Malpede.