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Help us bring Pairoj Pichetmetakul to LA to paint portraits of our Walk The Talk honorees

The “The Positivity Scrolls.” are coming to LA with your help!
You can visit the campaign here: StartSomeGood

WTT15_Pairoj PichetmetakulTogether, Lifestyledezine and Los Angeles Poverty Department have featured Pairoj as the artist in this year’s Walk The Talk Parade. On May 28 we will once again bring Skid Row to life with performances and a parade that pay tribute to neighborhood initiatives and the men and women whose contributions to the community call for a big, blaring celebration! … and Pairoj would paint these wonderful humans.

Pairoj is a former Buddhist monk who engages with homeless people and paints their portraits. Taking inspiration from Chinese scroll paintings, Pairoj paints his subjects on 10-foot-wide by 150-foot-long rolls of canvas.

Pairoj would spend a week in LA, painting Skid Row residents and the honorary individuals for the Walk The Talk Parade. He would paint two portraits of each individual, one for the person and one for the gallery show we will have on Memorial Day weekend at the Skid Row History Museum & Archive.

The funds we’re seeking will help pay for Pairoj’s travel, lodging, materials and food.
This campaign will end at 00:00 UTC on March 25th.

You can visit the campaign here: StartSomeGood